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Hi, I’m Gail Nankervis, your Divorce Concierge. After navigating my divorce and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I became motivated to help others going through this difficult period. As a financial advisor for a Fortune 500 company, I helped people manage their financial decisions on both a small and large scale. I saw the value that my experience had in facilitating a smooth divorce process for me and my ex-husband. I was able to eliminate months of unnecessary contention and escalation of emotions, as well as lawyer fees. Immediately after my divorce, I channeled my pain into studying for and becoming certified as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). During this period, I learned the value of re-discovering myself both professionally and as a newly-single person. I watched others I knew who were getting divorced and felt their pain as their bills and emotions escalated. In my estimation, the divorce process is 40% financial, 40% emotional, and only 20% legal. Yet most people only consider hiring an attorney. I believed that I could offer another solution – one that combined several services to make the divorce process less painful and less expensive than traditional methods. I combined my experience in counseling, financial planning, and mediation to create ChangeOver where my team provides divorce transition solutions for people in this difficult stage of life.

Welcome To Changeover

Hi, I’m Gail Nankervis, your Divorce Concierge. 


Changeover Divorce Transitions provides individuals, couples, mediators, and attorneys with financial expertise during divorce.

  • Working with Changeover will provide you peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible.
  • Hearing an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation
  • Getting expert advice about your unique financial needs

Working with Changeover can help clients think through the real cost of divorce and develop a realistic picture of their financial situation as they transition to a new lifestyle.

What is a CDFA?

Gail’s designation as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) has allowed her to develop specialized skills and experience that enables her to analyze the long-term financial impact of divorce.  For many people, divorce is the largest transition of their lives.  Changeover addresses financial issues of divorce with data to help achieve equitable distributions, without needing to set for in the courtroom.

How We Do What We Do

This is the 4 step Changeover Difference

Financial Analysis

We provide creative settlement solutions that make financial sense for both parties, allowing you to maximize asset retention and minimize taxes. Every financial decision has an emotional impact and we work closely with you to understand your unique situation and offer creative advice.

Mediation Assistance

Divorce is 40% emotional, 40% financial, and 20% legal, yet most people only consider hiring an attorney to guide them though the process. Changeover Divorce Transitions can work side-by-side with you and your lawyer or keep you out of the courtroom entirely.

Manage Your Future

We’ll work with you as long as necessary to ensure that ALL of the terms of your settlement agreement are completed and you get the assets you’re entitled to. As a Certified Divorce Financial Planner, Gail Nankervis and her team are equipped to help you manage your financial life.

Life Redesign

Gail has completed training for certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors to be able to help clients process their emotions and circumstances during this difficult period. In addition, Changeover provides practical and emotional support through partnerships.


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Hope, Healing and the Way Forward.

After your divorce is final, you may find you still have questions and need help transitioning to your new life. You may need your accounts consolidated, QDROs completed, bank accounts closed, wills redone, etc. Changeover can help you with financial planning after the divorce in order be sure you don’t miss anything important so you can begin the next phase of your life with confidence and control. We will work with you as long as necessary to ensure that ALL of the terms of your settlement agreement are completed and you get the assets you’re entitled to.

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